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We are an online company located in southern California. We offer our customers veries products and competitive price. To smooth our service, we work very hard to keep items we sale in stock and ship packages as quickly as possible. The philosophy of our business is to provide a safe and convenient experience to satisfy all our customer needs. The quality of services and superior integrity are always our goals to establish an honorable relationship with all our customers.

In addition, we have very low return rate. This is because all products we sell will do in house QA (Quality Assurance) on electronic portion to reduce the defect item of shipment. This process is very important to us and to our customers as well, even though it could take minutes or sometimes is hours to perform quality checks. We do believe that no one wants to see a defect item while box is opened.

Our website rcplanesupplier.com is constantly improving. we welcome and appreciate any suggestions or criticism which would improve our customer's experience and do better service for you. Please feel free to let us know. Thanks in advance!


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